Phillip & Lillian R.

Our first introduction to DDK was when we toured their model house in Chaska. We were pleasantly greeted by Bob Wingert who showed us through the great looking Model. Bob was an awesome source of information; answering our many questions, and with no pressure to buy or sign up. We had started with a different Real Estate Co. for sale of our old home, and then next started to source the market for our new home. Bob went the extra mile to visit our old home and assisted in some very good selling ideas and Market Pricing. Thank you, Bob!

Our closing was led by Dave Van Orden, who as the expert Lead agent did a great professional job for us all. He spent time on explaining the whole process and the best part is that there were no surprises. This was a result of good communication throughout the whole construction process and purchase.

Thank you, Bob and Dave, for leaving us with a wonderful, high quality-built home that we are very, very happy with. We highly recommend DDK REAL ESTATE CO. and their Team, as they will do an outstanding job for you. Thanks again Dave and Bob for getting us our Dream Home.