Brian & Sue J.

We had been in search of a villa with a private setting for over 2 years. Once we heard about DDK’s development at the Chaska Bluff Villas we were extremely excited about the location. We met with DDK Real Estate and specifically Dave to determine their timeline and overall plans for the development. We really wanted to see the Chaska Bluff Villa model completed before we committed as we felt that was the home design we wanted. During the build of the model, both Dave and Bob were extremely welcoming and allowed us to follow DDK along throughout the entire process.

Once the model was about 30 days from completion, we were convinced this was the home and development we were looking for and we began the formal contractual process. DDK was a pleasure to work with during this process and they were able to turn around our requests very promptly. We ended up signing a purchase agreement about one week before the start of the pandemic and we were very worried about our expected close date and trying to time that with the sale of our existing home. The closing date of our new home stayed on time as originally scheduled.

Dave, Bob and DDK were extremely helpful and allowed us to go into the model for various measurements throughout our selection and build process. They were very accommodating throughout the entire process and did a good job of communicating the timelines for various items. We had built a home once before and were familiar with the process. We have found working with a smaller custom builder allows one the ability to get to know nearly everyone and allows you to ask questions and make changes as needed. DDK gave us tours of the DDK office and cabinet shop and there is something comforting about the fact we were able to meet numerous people that were helping to build our home.

We really loved the fact that we had a base model to start with and could still customize this model to our specific needs. I don’t believe there was anything that we asked for that they couldn’t or wouldn’t accommodate. Thus far we have found that the quality has been very good, and they have worked with us to resolve any issues that we encountered after our closing took place. We were very happy with the build process and with our decision to select DDK to build our home. We love our new home and the great neighborhood and new friends we have made through this entire process!