Remodel Inspiration | August 28, 2019

Preparing Your Home for Remodeling

Let’s say you've hired a contractor for a project, and now you need to get ready for the actual renovation. Home remodeling projects can feel very invasive, and failure to prepare can result in a chaotic and undesirable living environment for you and your family while you’re waiting for the work to be completed. Here are some basic steps you should take to make sure you have your ducks in a row before renovations begin:

Establish a Timeline

A timeline is a key component of planning your life around a renovation. You should be able to meet with your contractor and have them walk you through the timing of each phase of your renovation project. Certain phases may require you to stay at a hotel or inform the neighbors that loud construction work will be in progress. Knowing when these phases will take place allows you and your neighbors to plan accordingly.

Clear the Construction Zone

The construction crew will usually not be able to begin working until the area is clear of large furniture and other items. Not clearing the area ahead of time will likely result in the project being delayed. This is an easy item to check off of your list early and maintain a good rapport with your contractor. If you need the contractor's assistance in clearing the area, it's best to let them know up-front so they can fit it into the timeline of the project.

Also be sure that you are able to commit to helping the contractor stay focused before they show up. The contractor is counting on having a contained construction zone to stay on schedule. Keep children and pets out of the renovation area. Let the contractor do their job, and don't try to micromanage the process. If you need to go into the area, always check with the contractor first to make sure it's safe and convenient for you to enter.

Prepare Nearby Rooms

Renovations create lots of sawdust! While the construction crew will do their best to contain debris in the renovation area, it's inevitable that dust will find its way into nearby rooms. Store any rugs or furniture that don't need to be used in the garage or basement while renovation is in progress. This will also help eliminate clutter and make it easier for the crew to move in and out of the construction zone.

Make Your Home Functional in the Meantime

Ensuring your home is functional during construction is essential to having a happy renovation. Make sure you are still able to access the things you need, and don't be afraid to repurpose other rooms. It also doesn't hurt to think of this as a time to experiment with furniture arrangement and try new things with the layout of your home! Studies show that rearranging furniture can help reduce stress, which is just what everyone needs during times of renovation.

We Can Help

We know from experience that home remodeling projects are a massive undertaking. The most important things that will help you prepare are understanding the timing of the project, keeping the renovation zone clear of obstacles, and coming up with a plan to keep your home functional during renovation. Ultimately, following these steps ensures that your home remodeling project goes well and stays on track.

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