Remodel Inspiration | August 28, 2019

Designing Your Empty Nest

We know you love your kids. But now they have moved out, and you’re ready to have your home reflect that. That’s okay! You’ve helped make sure that their lives are positioned for success: isn’t it time to enjoy a bit of your own? Whether building from scratch or embarking on a custom remodel, consider these options to help transform your family home to best fit you in your next chapter:  

Let The Sunshine In

Incorporating nature’s elements is a great way to maximize your home’s potential. You should be greeted by morning inside your master bedroom, and enjoy a glass of wine as you watch the sunset from your deck. Customizing your home means utilizing the best of what’s available, instead of adhering to a regimented cookie-cutter design.  

Throw A Great Party

A house becomes a home when it is welcoming to others, and celebrating your empty-nestdom . A flowing kitchen, large entertainment center, or grill-friendly outdoor patio area are great ways to celebrate your home. 

For When They Visit

With all the fun you’ll be having in your new nest, you might want to show your kids you haven’t forgotten about them. Think of how you want to curate their stays, and consider the ways to show you value their visits (even if you turned their old bedroom into your new office). Consider a custom sport court, game room, a family-sized dining table, or a guest house conversion above the garage to creatively and uniquely show them they’re still welcome in your new and improved pad.

Something Just For You

No custom renovation is complete without a design element that is uniquely yours. Do you envision yourself cozying up in front of the fireplace when your renovation is complete? Is a workstation, or a bathtub, non-negotiable in your designs. Choose one thing that makes the home uniquely yours, and stand by it. It will serve as your reward for taking this exciting leap.

Quality, From The Ground Up
DDK Construction is a full-service construction company based out of Chaska, MN. We specialize in turnkey design-build construction for both residential and commercial markets. With projects completed throughout the greater Twin Cities area, our team has earned a solid reputation as the premier builder of custom homes, multi-family dwellings, and commercial construction, Our team is by your side to guide you from inspiration and design through selection and construction, making you aware of all your options, providing cost-saving suggestions, and allowing you to truly customize your project to meet your needs and budget - without ever having to sacrifice quality or design. For more information, contact our staff to discuss your plans, and how we can help actualize them.

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