Outside Your Door | September 19, 2019

Do’s and Don’ts of Landscaping

Whether you’re a seasoned landscaper or simply interested in beautifying your yard, there are several important factors to consider. In order to create the long-lasting, picturesque outdoor scene you’ve always wanted, check out the guidelines below. 


  • Think long term: seasons change and plants grow. Consider how the growth of trees, bushes, and flowers will affect your yard. How will the materials and plants you’ve chosen hold up in harsh weather conditions? What will the yard look like when everything is in full bloom?
  • Consider curb appeal: while the backyard is a great spot for entertainment and family relaxation, the front yard embodies  your home’s first impression. It may be wise to invest more in the aesthetics of the entrance to your home first, then use your remaining funds  for the backyard. . 
  • Go for low maintenance: unless landscaping is one of your favorite hobbies, don’t choose materials and plants that require vigorous upkeep. It’s better to start small--if you find that you have free time to devote to your lawn, add more elements!
  • Be proactive about weeds: if you fail to prepare for weeds, all of your hard work can go to waste. Take care of these as quickly and frequently as possible to keep your lawn in mint condition. 


  • Throw caution to the wind: make sure you create a detailed landscaping plan. If you don’t spend time visualizing different plants, pots, or materials on your lawn, you could end up with an imbalance of flowers and shrubs that makes your lawn look more like a junkyard than a passion project. 
  • Limit plants to “ones”: groups of flowers or bushes look better  than lone pots or shrubs. A variety of plant types and colors adds volume and personality to your yard. 
  • Assume straight is best: sidewalks, paths, and lines of pots aren’t as inviting as curved and twisted ones. Leave room for creativity and authenticity when designing your yard. 
  • Forget about space: while you may want everything in sight at your local nursery, remember that more doesn’t necessarily mean better. It’s important to create open areas for walking around the landscape and appreciating your individual plants and decor.  

It’s important to do your research and planning before jumping right into landscaping. If you want to create a yard that endures and remains charming no matter the season, follow these practical guidelines.

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