Why Build a Custom Home?

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Looking for your next home can be a challenging process. There are many questions you have to consider when browsing the market. Where do you want to live? What kind of home are you looking for? Do you want to buy an existing home, or create your own space?

While all of these questions are important, the most crucial is buying or building. Many people wonder why go through the trouble of building a new home when there are so many on the market? 

No Surprises

Looking at buying a home in the resale market can be tricky, and one of the worst feelings is when an assessment comes back with a laundry list of problems with big price tags attached. Sometimes the current owners won’t fix these before the sale, or, you may not have caught them before the sale went through. 

One advantage of building a home custom is working directly with builders so that you don’t have the surprise of a rotting wall or weak support that couldn’t be seen before buying. There are little to no surprises, and if there are, a direct line of responsibility is available. In addition to this, builders can work directly with you to create exactly what you envision.


As building a custom home would imply, you have complete control over what your house will look like. Want to build a room around a piece of furniture from 1875? Fantastic. Brick accent wall? Can do. Where with buying resale homes, you often have to compromise your vision for what is already built, custom builds allow that dream home to be truly realized. 

Beyond the aesthetic of the house, customization allows for the latest appliances and amenities to be put in a home. While this may not be as attractive to talk about as the general look of the home, having appliances that don’t need to be replaced for a decade will save you future time and money. 

Lot Optimization

From the time you see the empty lot until the time you are handed the keys to your new home, you are in direct contact for every aspect of the project. This is especially important for the lot you are building on. With some resale homes, the house itself is gorgeous, but it is too sunny or shady, or the house sits in a strange way on the lot. Optimizing your privacy, ideal backyard and other things beyond the house is one of the great perks of building custom. 

Finally, the house itself is not restricted. It is difficult buying on the resale market, looking for specific quirks in a house that you love. Some may have one, but not the other. Building custom allows you to alter floor plans however you would like. Laundry upstairs? Done. An outbuilding not connected to the house? No problem. 

Working with builders who know your vision and can build your house efficiently in a quality way is essential to achieving your dream home. At DDK Construction, with experienced, quality employees at each step of the process, we know how to make your vision a reality. Let’s talk about what you want out of a custom home, and how we can make it a reality. Contact us today or visit our homepage to browse our work!