Custom Corner | August 28, 2019

Taking The Leap into Custom Home Construction

Imagine your dream home. Now, imagine you living in it. Not only do you get to have a say in the design of the structure you get to call home, but it is being built specifically with you and your family in mind. Special attributes you always thought your home would have are now a possibility because it is being built from the ground up. If you are considering a custom home build, here are a few advantages that might help you take that next big step:

Build For You

From conception to completion, custom home construction is for your house alone. There is no need to worry about the foundation or any damage because you can see the new, sturdy structure rising and forming the home you have always wanted. With custom construction, you are able to find a floorplan that fits your lifestyle. Consider a welcoming kitchen plan for dinner parties, an expansive backyard for relaxation and play, or a cozy basement for family movie nights. A custom home allows you to design the life you envision within its walls. 

Connect Present To Future

Don’t forget to think about the future when designing your dream home. Make sure the custom floor plan works for today, but take into consideration the life you wish for in ten years as well. Will the future of that playroom be a new office? Does your master bathroom allow for both comfort and function? In designing your custom home, consider the growth and progression your family will experience throughout your time inhabiting it. This practice will even more fully exemplify who you are in your home’s completed design. 

Make It Your Masterpiece

One of the best things about custom construction is adding your personal touch to the little things. Select the crown molding that caught your eye, install fun cabinets in the kitchen and bar area, or design a special reading nook by a window that gets great light. Custom homes also allow you to install the smartest technology to fill your game room, entertainment area, or hideaway television in the master bedroom. Let your ideas flow freely to make this house your  masterpiece.

Here To Construct Your Dream
DDK Construction is a full-service construction company located in Chaska, MN. We specialize in turnkey design-build construction for both residential and commercial markets. With projects completed throughout the greater Twin Cities area, our team has earned a solid reputation as the premier builder of custom homes, multi-family dwellings, and commercial construction. For more information, contact our staff to discuss your plans, and how we can help actualize them.

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