Building with DDK | August 29, 2019

Project Spotlight: The Lodge of New Hope

DDK Construction was thrilled to work with the Good Samaritan Society (GSS), helping them build the Lodge of New Hope. GSS’s vision was to build a quality facility to serve the New Hope community and the surrounding region while continuing to provide for existing clients. This 31 unit, 30,000 square foot building allowed our team to use the company’s wide skill set and problem-solving abilities.  

Client-Focused Planning

Together with a local GSS administrator, our team outlined the visions and goals for the project. Our construction team met with team members and the client administrator monthly to ensure everyone was up to speed on deadlines, goals, and progress for the building. Including them in the planning process was essential to our process, especially since they could see the construction from their current building. 

Overcoming Challenges

Constructing the Lodge of New Hope presented a few interesting challenges: building on an existing lot and connecting to an existing structure, fitting such a large structure on a small lot, and building in the winter were just a few. Through careful planning and our comprehensive communication with the client, our team was able to rise to the occasion. Thanks to the deep experience our team has in all aspects of the industry, we were able to successfully complete the project on time with minimal disturbance to the existing structure. 

Worth the Work

Seeing the excitement of the GSS team as they watched their new facility come to life was exhilarating. One of the reasons GSS picked DDK construction for this project is because we bring quality from the ground up. Every step of the process, from assembling floor plans to finishing the interior is done in-house. We take responsibility every step of the way, so our team can assure customers that everything is done up to our high standards of quality--we were especially pleased with our millwork and cabinetry on the interior. We truly enjoyed working with the Good Samaritan Society to complete their new facility, the Lodge of New Hope! 

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